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Top 5 Benefits of Guidance and Counselling in Education

When it comes to student counseling, many of us think about career counseling. However, there are many diversions when we discuss or talk about guidance and counselling in education. The importance of guidance and counselling in education can never be outshined, especially in countries like Pakistan. Therefore, preparing our students on various grounds is only possible through proper guidance and counseling in the education sector. STEP Schools offers in-depth counseling for students on various levels. Let’s explore the top five (5) benefits of student counseling in Pakistan.   

What’s the Role of Guidance in Education? 

Education is a must-have for success in life. However, it is more than just an academic success. Therefore, it is essential to develop emotional, psychological, and behavioural skills in a person. This can be achieved and developed through proper guidance and counselling in education.  

Guidance and counselling services can be integrated into schools to improve academic attainment, foster student well-being, and provide a conducive learning environment. 

To give students the support they require to succeed in school and beyond, teachers and counsellors must collaborate. 

How Does Counselling Work in Education? 

Teachers and mentors work on three dimensions when it comes to education, counselling, and guidance.  

  • Academic Guidance 
  • Guidance in Early Years Education 
  • Guidance in primary years 
  • Secondary Years Guidelines 

These levels are the stages of primary education in Pakistan school life. On the next stop to these, there comes the advanced education of higher secondary, intermediate undergraduate, and graduate programmes.  

In primary education or schools, teachers provide guidance and counselling in education on the following points.  

Pre-School Guidance 

  1. Knowledge acquisition procedures in innovative learning environments  
  2. Enhancement of communication abilities and encouragement of personal responsibility via teamwork, investigation, and analysis  
  3. Encouragement of the growth of cooperation and self-worth, as well as an appreciation of the benefits of shared learning and teamwork. 
  4. The attributes of every pupil  
  5. Variations in the methods and stages of learning  
  6. Opportunities for personal skills learning in a family and social setting. 

Primary Schools Guidance 

  1. The development of fundamental ideas and ideas  
  2. Formation of favourable attitudes regarding lifelong learning  
  3. Collaboration  
  4. Personal responsibility. 

Secondary Years Guidance 

  1. Needs of students  
  2. The particulars of every topic. 
  3. Guidance regarding the Field Choice 

In addition, the students also need career guidance and psychological counselling for kids due to their growing up years, increased exposure, and limited understanding and experience.  

Students Counselling & Guidance at School Level in Pk 

In Pakistan, the trend of providing student counselling and guidance in education is on the rise. However, not all schools and educational institutions perform the same.  

Henceforth, there is a private school system that is a part of the largest education system in Pakistan –the Punjab Group that offers a comprehensive range of guidance and counselling in education.  

The details about STEP Schools and their guidance and counselling are available below.  

 STEP Schools practices student guidance and counselling in education for students. Explores the top 5 benefits of guidance and student counselling in education in Pakistan.

STEP Schools Student Guidance and Counselling Services 

STEP Schools offer 21st-century learning opportunities from early years, exposure to the latest technological trends like robotics and artificial intelligence (AI) from primary education, I-e of class 1 and 3.  

In addition, STEP Schools also work on developing the soft skills and personality of their enrolments. Hence, you can say we polish on personal and social values to bring out the best of our students.  

Furthermore, we also offer our supportive, hands-on various levels when it comes to guidance and counselling in education. You can explore the importance of counselling in education while looking for school admissions in Pakistan and how the counselling works at STEP Schools. 

However, STEP Schools provides 

  • Educational Counselling 
  • Vocational Counselling and  
  • Career Counselling  

to its students throughout the campuses nationwide.    

5 Benefits of Guidance and Counselling in Education 

Every one of us needs guidance and counselling at any point in life. No matter whether we are an experienced and mature person of a school-going child. However, students often are more in need of adequate guidance. Parents can be a beacon of guidance for children. Furthermore, the need for guidance and counselling in education from schools is lesser than none.  

  1. Personality Development 
  2. Acquisition of Right Understanding 
  3. Helpful in Stress Management 
  4. Helpful in Social Interactions 
  5. Helpful in Achieving Success in Academics & Suitable Career Choice 

Enrol Your Child for Future Ready Approach in Affordable Fee 

If you are interested in enrolling your child in a supportive education environment, STEP Schools can be your go-to private school. Asking why, check out the reasons below.  

  1. Your children can get exposure to the latest 21st-century learning 
  2. Development of multi-dimensional personality. 
  3. Understanding of SWOT analysis of children. 
  4. Exposure to the latest learning with STEAM education 
  5. A supportive environment for guidance and counselling in education 

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STEP Schools offers guidance and counselling in education for all school students. You can make your child tomorrow’s leader by getting him/her exposed to the latest learning & technical skills with ample opportunity for personality development. Don’t miss out a chance, as our Spring admissions 2024 are open at STEP Schools.  

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