STEP Schools

Project Based Learning

STEP Schools aim to enable and empower a community of self-directed learners who are compassionate, innovative and independent thinkers, that will help shape their generation’s role in the future of society. Our curriculum philosophy’s highlight is Project-Based Learning (PBL), which helps foster a holistic development of students and enables them to progressively realize their individual potential.

The projects that are part of our curriculum, offer all students access to a range of activities, hands-on experience and learning opportunities; steering students’ learning in a meaningful manner that reflects their interest and the needs of modern times.

Every project is initiated by an Entry Event, which highlights an authentic real-world problem. The students then come up with an overarching driving question which embodies interdisciplinary connections to real world challenges. The students interact with tangible data and facts, and process this information through conscious logic and critical thinking to form knowledge and understanding, which aids in guiding subsequent action. Furthermore, the students identify things they already know relevant to inquiry, what they need to know to answer their driving question, and how best they might find that out to solve the problem at hand.

Through an interdisciplinary approach, students are encouraged to construct meaning in the context of real-world problems and themes. The project experience allows our students to connect meaningfully with the concepts they are studying in different subject areas, and discover answers from authentic sources.