STEP Schools

Education Technology


Technology is the pen and paper of our times. It is the lens through which we experience much of our world. So, we need technology in every classroom – in every student’s and teacher’s hand. To cater to this need STEP Schools has developed forums of:

  • STEP Portal
  • STEP E-learning program
  • STEP ICT curriculum

STEP portal connects teachers, students, parents and the management at a single place. This portal gives access to teachers to STEP’s curriculum and all the teaching resources prepared by the subject leads. At the same time, it connects parents with the teachers and the school management and links the school management and faculty directly to Head office. To ease the usability of portal, we have designed a mobile application so that any parent, teacher, or student can access it from anywhere at any time of the day.

STEP E-learning program allows students to join classes from anywhere and access the video lessons, homework, classwork, and other supporting material for a smooth learning experience.

STEP ICT curriculum trains students on use of technology especially portal, and fosters learning of technology and other subject knowledge. It grooms the students of STEP Schools as creators and makers of tomorrow’s technology and innovation.