STEP Schools

Home-School Partnership

We believe parents and teachers together make the A team that facilitates a student’s success. We prepare special guides for parents so that they may become part of the learning process. Teachers work with parents to ensure that students feel like learning never stops even at home. This is done through introduction packs for parents along with meetings and by establishing a continuous stream of communication. Home-school partnerships lead to a positive behavioural change and higher motivation for learning in students.

Teachers Excellence Pursuit Programme (TEPP)

Teachers training is fundamental to quality teaching and learning practices in any educational institute. STEP Schools management is cognizant of this fact and materializes its belief in continuous professional development of teachers through TEPP – Teachers Excellence Pursuit Programme. TEPP is a year-long training programme which engages all the teachers across the STEP network. This programme is carefully designed to cover the domains essential to 21st century learning. The goal of TEPP is to create a learners community of educators committed to implementing the STEP curriculum through a student centred approach and enabling students to become independent learners.

TEPP consists of three modules.

  • Core Module
  • PBL Module
  • SST (Subject Specific Training) Module

In Core Module teachers are trained on quality teaching practices, effective class management techniques, Assessment for Learning, IT literacy etc.

In PBL Module teachers get comprehensive training on project based learning. They learn how to apply different subjects in exploring problem questions and use of STEAM in project execution. It prepares teachers to help students work on different projects and find solutions to real life problems while studying course subjects.

SST Module focuses on making teachers specialize in the skills and knowledge component of their main subjects. Teachers learn how to engage students in suitable activities that polish their skills relevant to the subject they are studying. Through this practice students develop a better command of the subject.

In addition to the training modules, STEP Schools principals conduct in-house trainings to groom teachers in the areas required for performance enhancement and capacity building.

Health & Safety Policies

STEP Schools priorities the health, safety, and welfare of the students and faculty. Here, we follow stringent health and safety procedures to ensure compliance and minimize risk. We completely understand when students are healthy and stress-free, learning abilities are at their peak. Our experts have crafted these health & safety policies in collaboration with Department for Education. These policies are reviewed on annual basis.