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Education is a compulsory element to ensure a quality life anywhere in the world. In Pakistan, education starts with school education as primary school and later leads to the middle, then secondary education. It is considered the foundation of a child’s educational journey and plays a critical role in their overall development. This article draws […]

9th class exams are going to be held in April this year. With a very narrow window available for preparation now, students are leaving no stone unturned to access quality notes for each subject. As the most difficult subject in 9th is math, the demand for quality 9th-class math notes has sky-rocketed. However, there’s no […]

Are you facing difficulty in clearing difficult concepts in class 10 Physics? Stop worrying if yes is the answer because we’ve got your back. Being the hub of educational excellence, Punjab Group has always strived for equity and inclusion of all in the education journey. Prep By PGC is another similar initiative in this direction, […]

STEAM Learning is essential for students to get ready for 21st-century challenges. Twenty-first-century skills include various educational and real-life skills. Collectively, the skills of the 21st century are divided into four parts. The skills are 12 in number. We have listed them below. Further, we have seen how STEAM learning helps children to develop 21st-century skills […]

Secondary education pertains to the peak of school education in Pakistan. It serves as a gateway to higher secondary education, which works as a foundation in addition to the secondary education years in professional education and career development. This is far more important for a child than what is being presumed. The article below discloses […]

Students often need guidance to take the right decisions for the selection of degrees, careers, specialisations, and job opportunities in Pakistan. It is not a developed culture in the country for primary schools, but step schools provide complete counselling for their students. The institution also has produced education on the latest trends to give students […]

There is much buzz about 21st-century skills and stem in the education world. It may make you wonder what all this is about and how it can affect the study process of your child. In the following article, you will learn about STEAM education and the extensive role of its famous four Cs. The outcome […]

  Importance of a Wholesome Environment in a Child’s Education The Education of a child depends upon several factors. Factors include the home environment and school setup. The child’s relationship with every person in his life affects how he nurtures. Mothers are the first educational institution for a child because a child stays longest with […]

6 Reasons to Consider STEP Schools for Your Child’s Admission! Parents dream of choosing the best for their children. From home to education, present to future, they want only top-tier facilities. Quality Education is a priority. The world today is moving quickly at the speed of technology. Likewise, education needs to satisfy the needs of […]

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