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In a rapidly evolving world, the ultimate key to success lies in preparation, and STEP Schools are taking the lead in ensuring that every child is equipped to face the challenges of the future. Under the visionary leadership of Punjab Group, STEP Schools are proud to announce STEP Schools Admissions 2024 for spring to make […]

School admission 2024 is on a roll, and everyone is searching for a good school. Now, if you ask what is meant by a good school, many would say the one with good education and affordable school fees. Hence, STEP schools are your affordable private schools in Pakistan if you are searching for school admissions […]

We are part of an ever-developed century of human times. As a result, the developed and neighbouring countries duly emphasise 21st-century skills. Hence, it is high time for Pakistan to adopt new learning perspectives, including the latest subjects and skill-based development in the form of advanced learning from the school level. In this article, you […]

It is the season of spring admissions 2024 in Pakistan. Therefore, STEP Schools open Spring Admissions 2024 nationwide. STEP School is a part of the largest education network in Pakistan- the Punjab Group. Hence, we provide guaranteed quality education. But that’s not all. To know what STEP Schools can contribute to your child’s education and […]

Education is the cornerstone of any country’s development. Unfortunately, though Pakistan has youngsters as a major part of its population. However, very few of them have even graduated. Furthermore, from the entire public, some fewer people can even write their names. In addition, the primary education problems and solutions are not so simple when comes […]

Critical thinking is an essential life skill. It helps to analyse and evaluate any situation from diverse angles. Hence, it becomes an effective tool for decision-making. STEP Schools emphasises the essential four Cs of personality development. Developing critical thinking skills in primary education is essential for various reasons. This article will explore those reasons and […]

Parental involvement in education is vital for multiple reasons. Children are closest to their families. Later, people at schools, colleges, and universities become crucial to their life journey. Some people may ask that parental involvement is optional for academic success. However, that’s not the truth. We encourage active and constant school and parent partnerships at […]

One of the greatest atmospheric threats to children’s health is air pollution. Around 99 per cent of the air is unhealthy to breathe for living beings. However, children fall under the vulnerable subject of the human population. Therefore, the complexity and adverse effects of air pollution multiplies.    What Is Air Pollution?   Air Pollution is a […]

A child’s development is a complex and dynamic process influenced by various factors. While genetic elements play a defining role in shaping a child’s potential, environmental factors also have a profound impact on a child’s development. Among these environmental factors, the surroundings in which a child grows and the experiences they encounter are particularly influential. […]

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