STEP Schools

Student Counselling

Student counselling is an important element of our educational practices. It aims at making students responsible individuals and helping them steer in a suitable career direction. It is practised in three domains namely

  • Managing Behaviour for Learning Teachers are trained to teach behaviour management through modelling ideal beahaviour and serve as calm and composed educators. Students learn to listen attentively, participate in class discussions, stay on task, and accept responsibility for their actions. STEP Schools follow a very effective Behaviour for Learning Policy which supports this responsible learning behaviour. Occasionally guest speakers and psychologists are invited to give life lessons or prepare students for changing scenarios in the society.
  • BISE Mentoring & Grooming Programme (BMGP) Students get academic counselling through this programme which helps them score better results in matriculation. STEP Schools provides strategies and resources for all seven boards in Punjab and Federal BISE. This important task is done through.
  • Guidelines are provided from beginning of the session till the end of academic year on nature and pattern of board exams, prerequisites and essential requirements, marking schemes, Roll Nos and examination centres etc.
  • Resources are provided in the form of sample quality essays, descriptive topical notes, pool of questions on different topics, and last year’s solved papers for students to compare their answers.
  • Training on attempting question papers, reviewing the answers, sustaining the exam pressure, and performing science practical exams.
  • Grooming students in areas of paper impression, neatness, accuracy, time management, handwriting, and quality answers.
  • Career Counselling Our expert counsellors advise students on making right subject choices, available careers (based on subject choice), selection of colleges, and admission requirements etc.