STEP Schools

Admission Process

STEP Schools offer an affordable fee structure and cater to needs of the community who understands the true value of modern education and comprehends the challenges posed by technology driven age. We offer a high-quality educational experience and nurturing environment that fosters sharp learning skills. We are proud of the caliber of our staff and the work that they do.

At STEP Schools we have strived to make our admission process as simple as possible to ensure that all prospective parents enjoy a stress-free application experience. The process involves registration, admission test (core subjects as per the age level), students and parent/guardian's interview, followed by an admission order along with a few formalities.

Registration: Parents Meet the Admission officer Principal/Headmistress, parents pay a non-refundable Registration Fee according to the fee structure at the time of registration. Original recept signed by the School Principal is issued to the parents

Admission Process

First Step I 2.5 + Years
First Step II 3 + Years
First Step III 4 + Years
Step 1 5 + Years
Step 2 6 + Years
Step 3 7 + Years
Step 4 8 + Years
Step 5 9 + Years
Step 6 10 + Years
Step 7 11 + Years
Step 8 12 + Years
Step 9 13 + Years
Step 10 14 + Years

Admission Process

The Schools formally announce the date for the opening of admissions for the new academic session, by issuing a circular to the parents, normally in the second week of February. Registrations for Admissions formally commence in all schools at the begning of February.

Admission Test

Admission test is taken on the date and time given on the appointment card and is scheduled on Saturdays or after school hours, supervised by the Section Head or assigned teacher. In addition to the test, the Principal will conduct a formal interview with both parents, unless there are extenuating circumstances of which the Principal should be informed.

a. Foundation Years

An informal individual assessment is made, combined with an interview with the parents. It is very important that both parents attend unless there are extenuating circumstances, of which the Principal should be informed. Generally, the reading level of the child, the vocabulary and concepts of colour and numbers, the confidence, the level of spoken and understanding of English, and motor skills are assessed.

b. Step 1-3

Minimum 50% (grade D) in three tested subjects: Mathematics, Urdu and English.

c. Step 4-7

Minirnurn 50% (grade D) in four tested subjects: Mathematics, Science, Urdu and English.

d. Step 8-9

Minimum 60% (grade C) overall.
Minimum 60% (grade C) each in English, Urdu and Mathematics.
Minimum 60% (grade C) in General Science to join the Science Group.
Students are expected to come properly prepared with test stationery for the admission test. Test papers are not set from any particular textbook or syllabus but are of a general nature designed to assess the attainment level of the applicant as per the age level.

Names of selected candidates are displayed on the school notice board on a given date or conveyed by post. Parents to collect further admission procedure details from the school office as soon as information is received that the child has been selected or the child's name appears on the list of selected candidates. Parents of successful students are called to collect the Fee bills. The admission is finalized once the fee has been paid in the designated branch of the bank. admission form is submitted.

Documents to be submitted by the Parents

Parents are required to bring the following documents. Admission remains provisional and is not confirmed unless the following documents are produced:

  • Original Birth Certificate or Smart Card (a copy must be filed in the personal file of the
    student; the Principal should write on it "Original Seen").
  • Six passport-sized photographs (for the school identity card and personal file).
  • Report Card and School Leaving Certificate from the previous school (if any).
  • Copy of receipt for payment of Admission Fee Bill and Allied Charges.
  • ID card copies of Parent/Guardian.

The Parents receive

  • Admission Order
  • Welcome Letter
  • Study Pack
  • Uniform List
  • School ID Card
  • Students and Parent Code of Conduct