STEP Schools

Student Government


In an age of education where standardized tests determine the success of our schools, it is important to allow students the creativity and use the power of technology to support necessary skills and learn in unique ways. There was a time when good grades meant everything. However good grades alone do not assure a successful life. That’s why, it is important that we appreciate the contribution of the skills set a student can obtain from being part of a learning environment that offers dynamic life skills that hone leadership and communication, foster creative thinking, and teach how to work effectively with other people which they can use for the rest of their lives.

STEP Student Government is a platform where students not only help the teachers and administrator to maintain discipline but also in houses and societies, under the supervision of a manager (a faculty member) students manage and oversee the internal and external activities and events that happen. They also look after the budgeting and allocation of resources and facilities which provide them a first-hand experience and knowledge of valuable professional skills such as leadership, communication, planning and organization, market research, budgeting – all of which employers seriously value and can help set them up well for exciting career opportunities later in life.