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How does student counselling work at STEP Schools?

Students often need guidance to make the right decisions for the selection of degrees, careers, specialisations, and job opportunities in Pakistan. It is not a developed culture in the country for primary schools, but step schools provide complete counselling for their students. The institution also has produced education on the latest trends to give students 21st-century skills. To know more, it is essential to read the article thoroughly. How step schools provide student counselling to help them find the best career for themselves!  

Student Counselling – An introduction 

Student counselling is also called educational counselling. Educational counselling primarily refers to offering support and advice to students to help them make the best decisions regarding their academic plans, career goals, choice of career stream and specialisation, as well as the option of college or university based on their preferences and interests. The country lacks the trend of such counselling at primary education also. 

 Types of Student Counselling 

There are three types of student counselling 

  • Educational Guidance & Counselling 
  • Vocational Counselling 
  • Career Counselling

    1۔Educational Counselling 

Educational counselling aims to give students the appropriate direction based on their academic needs, from choosing the best stream to finding the finest college and course after graduating high school. To acquire the best mentorship for your academic journey, educational counsellors are typically available in schools and universities. You can also seek advice from educational counselling services. Educational counselling discussed the following issues and problem areas for students.  

  • Family Problems 
  • concerns relating to puberty 
  • Advice on choosing a job and a college 
  • Supporting family members 
  • issues with transportation 
  • grade-related worries 
  • Bullying or Combat  

The next to discuss in the line is vocational counselling.  

2۔ Vocational Counselling 

Similar to career counselling, vocational counselling focuses more on helping students find the perfect job or career opportunity based on their interests and needs in the area or industry they wish to work in. 

3۔ Career Counselling 

As it focuses on both students and working professionals and gives them the proper mentorship, they need at every stage of their academic and professional path, career counselling is more of a comprehensive combination of educational and vocational counselling. 

Benefits of Student Counselling 

We frequently find ourselves in a pickle when selecting a profession because many courses and subject combinations are available. At this point, educational counselling is essential. Therefore, if you are wondering why academic counselling is vital for students, the following are some factors to take into account: 

  • It aids you in discovering your passion and your strengths. 
  • You can learn about your shortcomings and strengths by using a SWOT analysis. 
  • It boosts your self-assurance and enables you to make wise selections. 
  • It allows you to anticipate obstacles that may stand in your way and plan for them. 
  • Counselling improves mental clarity and lowers stress associated with careers. 
  • Assisting students in identifying undesirable tendencies allows them to behave better. 

Student Guidance at Step Schools  

Student counselling is a crucial component of Step schools’ instructional strategies. It seeks to develop students into responsible people and assist them in choosing the right career path. It is used in three different fields, including 

  • Behaviour Management for Learning 
  • BISE Monitoring & Grooming Program (BMGP) 
  • Career Counselling 

We are going to discuss these all one by one in the text below.  

  1. Behaviour Management for Learning 

Step Schools supports a better learning environment through theory and efforts together. At Step schools, teachers are prepared to act as calm, collected educators while also modelling appropriate behaviour for students to follow. The aim is to enable students to stay active in learning by taking responsibility if they do, by listening to what is going around and what is taught to them, and to take participating in class on various levels.  

Step Schools have designed a fair learning policy for all parties to the learning activity. Therefore, psychologists and other outside speakers are occasionally asked to share life lessons with pupils or help them prepare for social change. 

 2۔ BISE Monitoring & Grooming Program (BMGP) 

Appearing in national and provisional board exams for middle, secondary and higher secondary education is mandatory for students in Pakistan. The education board are known as the Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education (BISE). It is a crucial part of the educational journey in the country. 

Therefore, step schools have initiated a proper guidance program. Through this programme, students receive academic counselling, which helps them do better on their matriculation exams. All seven Punjab boards and the Federal BISE are served by STEP Schools, which also offer methodologies and materials. Step schools undertake the following activities in regard.  

  • Proper guidelines are provided to students about board patterns and exam tips and techniques. This session regulates the academic session.  
  • Various valuable resources are provided to students by Step schools in the form of quality essays, descriptive notes, and the pool of questions with papers from previous exams to ensure paper preparation is completed.  
  • Step schools offer regular training sessions with practice to attempt the paper through practice tests and attempt the paper according to the pattern. This strengthens students’ nerves to combat exam pressures optimally.  
  • We all know the importance of the paper impression in the success rate of board exams. Therefore, at Step schools, students are adequately advised, tipped, and told to impress the examiner through the paper’s content, quality, and neatness. 

    3۔ Career Counselling  

Our knowledgeable counsellors at step schools provide guidance to students regarding appropriate course selection, available careers based on subject selection, college selection, admission requirements, etc. In this regard, students become aware of what the future may hold for them. This helps them to work hard and stay on the path that will lead them to their desired and dreamed position.  


It is an honour to tell our readers about how step schools are helping its students to shape their future. Step schools want the best for their students, and we aim to optimise our students’ resources, time, and efforts to get the best results. Therefore, our best wishes remain with our students!  Hence, we offer student counselling at STEP Schools. 

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