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Developing Critical Thinking Skills in Primary Education

Critical thinking is an essential life skill. It helps to analyse and evaluate any situation from diverse angles. Hence, it becomes an effective tool for decision-making. STEP Schools emphasises the essential four Cs of personality development. Developing critical thinking skills in primary education is essential for various reasons. This article will explore those reasons and a complete guide to do so effectively.  

What is Critical Thinking? 

Critical thinking is the inclusive use of reasoning, to properly analyse the situation and to solve problems. Critical thinking is a life-long skill. It also involves evaluation and looking through different perspectives.  

Significance of Critical Thinking 

No one can ignore the importance of critical thinking. It is directly linked to the ability to problem-solving. The kids who have effective problem-solving skills are more successful and vibrant with school matters in their academic lives.  

Critical thinking is also a universal skill to develop. It stays helpful throughout the life. A person often faces a situation where he needs to find a solution, and here is how critical thinking comes into play. Furthermore, critical thinking also derives innovations in primary education.  

Being good at critical thinking also helps a person to become self-reflective. Once a person is self-reflective, he/she can also see the areas to improve in his personality. Which ultimately crafts out his best personality in the long run.  

Developing Critical Thinking Skills in Primary Education 

In addition, critical thinking is also an essential element to gain success in career in the long run.  According to the World Economic Forum, critical thinking is the most desired skill in the global workplace is the person with critical analysis. Furthermore, dynamic professions like medicine, law, and business management majorly depend upon the ability of critical analysis. Hence, it is fruitful to develop critical thinking in primary education.  

A person with good problem-solving skills is always able to keep things in balance. They can manage their personal life and people connected to them in a better way.  

Ways to Polish Critical Thinking Skills in Primary Education 

Not all people are born with a good ability to analyse things and situations from diverse angles. Yet, it can be learned and polished with effort. In the following text, we shall pen down the easy and effective ways to polish critical thinking skills in primary education.  

Both teachers and parents can help young kids easily develop the ability to critically analyse things according to their age and ability.  

Engage Children in Analytical Games 

The easiest way to engage children is to provide the learning opportunity with fun. That’s how they can relate very conveniently. As we all know, children love to play games. To develop critical thinking, parents at home can engage their children in LEGO Blocks, Riddles, and Puzzles. 

Teachers at schools can ask them certain questions, subject-related riddles, and ask them some random questions from earlier class sessions. Teachers can also get them engaged in small class discussions on any matter of their interest or learning. In this way, their memory and thinking capacity will be sharpened. 

Other options could be playing Sudoku, Chess, and Group Discussions with their age.  

Teach Children to Think Before Speaking or Acting 

There is a wise saying- think before you speak! This is also known as – contemplation. This skill is also a part of critical thinking. Hence, the best time to make children aware of this is in their younger years. When they are enrolled in primary school in junior classes.  

If parents and teachers put equal efforts into making kids understand the importance of pausing before acting or speaking can help them in many ways.  

Developing Critical Thinking Skills in Primary Education 

Ask Open-ended Questions & for Their Opinions 

Another effective way to develop critical thinking skills in primary education is to ask open-ended questions. Both teachers and parents can practice this for effective results. If kids are allowed to share their opinions. They will think likewise.  

Children love to talk and share. When they feel their voice is heard. Their opinions and points of view are valued they use their in-built skill of observation. With their observation, you can analyse their perspectives easily. Furthermore, you can discuss things with them and help them see things differently.  

Use Project-Based Learning (PBL) Method 

In schools, like STEP Schools project-based learning method is also a prominent way to pursue critical thinking among primary students. With diverse problem-solving techniques, students critically analyse the problem to find the solution for the same.  

STEP Schools Focus on Life Skills 

Now that you know the importance of critical thinking for kids. And the scope of efforts you, as parents and teachers as a part of primary education, can cover. We are sure that you are looking for the school functions on the development of critical thinking in Pakistan.  

STEP Schools is the ideal school if you are looking for a comprehensive learning experience for your kids from early years and primary to secondary education. 

STEP Schools provide 21st-century skills in Pakistan, with the inclusion of the most demanded four Cs globally. We understand the importance of developing critical thinking skills in primary education. In addition, the students get early exposure to the latest education trends and means of learning-For instance, the Robotics, EdTech, and STEAM Education modules.   

SPRING Admissions 2024 at STEP Schools 

We are sure that now you understand the importance of critical thinking and a few ways to develop it in your kids. If you are looking for a school that will also be helpful in this regard to multiply the advantages. You can consider STEP Schools with confidence.  

Our School Admissions for Spring 2024 are about to open. Stay tuned so that you won’t miss a chance.  


The development of critical thinking skills in primary education is important for many reasons. It is crucial to have the ability to observe, analyse, and sort a solution for the problem in life. This skill is also very valuable when it comes to professional growth. There are certain ways to enhance the ability of kids at younger ages. Schools also play a crucial role in a child’s learning. STEP Schools works on 21st-century skills. Our Spring admissions 2024 are about to open! Stay tuned, and don’t miss out.  

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