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STEP Schools’ Thought-Leading Approach towards Education in Pakistan

Education is the sole way to polish the future of any country. Those countries with high literacy rates and skilled youth perform well in various areas. Their effectiveness can be seen in the growth rate of such countries. On the other hand, Pakistan is facing difficulties in its major economic and social indicators despite having youth as the most significant part of its population.   

Therefore, STEP schools have practised the thought-leading approach towards education in Pakistan. In this article, we will discuss how the STEP schools are positively impacting the education in Pakistan. 

What is a Thought-Leading Approach?  

Doing a thing is one thing, and doing something after careful consideration and planning is another aspect. Thinking and curated thoughts are essential for quality or purposeful things in life. Such things cater to specific goals and fulfil requirements. Everything is done for a reason, and so is the case of education.   

Henceforth, there is a dire need for an hour to follow the thought-provoking approach to educating the youth of Pakistan.   

Now, do you want to know why does it matter? And how does it apply to education? Let’s look forward.   

Time is changing, and the skills required in all sectors, whether on social, economic, or financial levels, have dramatically diversified. If, as of now, we won’t be teaching present- or future-based skills and knowledge, our youth won’t be able to match the competition on global grounds.  

Similarly, because no new and productive education option is available on the table, the chances of national development and research diminish.   

How Does it Help Education in Pakistan?  

Pakistan needs to follow a thought-provoking approach towards education for the following reasons. According to the research, the thought-provoking process pushes one to think, identify, compare, and implement the required changes.   

If we apply the thought-provoking approach towards education in Pakistan, we can identify the loopholes and weak areas for revamp purposes. Also, we can observe its impacts on the present and anticipate the future of our youth and country.   

Education in Pakistan- An Overview  

Statistics show that public and private schools offer education in Pakistan with a 60-40 per cent ratio. However, with time, there has been a significant decrease in public schools’ enrolments. On the contrary, private schools have witnessed an increase. Some of the responsible factors are   

  1. Availability of Basic Facilities 
  2. Student-Teacher Ratio  
  3. Quality of Education  
  4. Content of Education  

But these are not the only factors to consider in the 21st-century scenario. The last thirty years (1990- 2020) have seen a massive industrial revolution 3.0 via IT and internet connectivity. The world has become a global village.  

In this interconnection, modern technology and skills were introduced to even the world’s most remote areas. Therefore, the neighbouring country became the IT hub in previous years. Likewise, the arrival of COVID-19 proved to be a blessing in disguise for those who had online skills. Pakistan also witnessed the e-commerce boom, remote jobs, and online business models.   

However, all these skills were not learned through traditional education in Pakistan. However, modern content is available through the internet and foreign resources.    

We have a question here, and we know you also have it in your mind!  

Why is the latest updated knowledge not pursued in school education in Pakistan?  

Now, what if we tell you that you can let your children learn 21st-century skills in Pakistan while enrolling in school in Pakistan traditionally?  

Yes, you got it right!   

STEP Schools offers a futuristic approach, a thought-leading solution to transform education in Pakistan.  

Let’s see in detail how.  

STEP Schools’ Thought Leadership   

STEP Schools are a proud part of Punjab Group, a leading education network in Pakistan. We have several renowned and established education institutions as our sister institutes. Punjab Group of Colleges (PGC), the University of Central Punjab (UCP), and Allied Schools are a few to mention.   

 STEP Schools offer the latest thought-leading approach towards education through the in-depth inclusion of the STEAM approach to education in our curriculum. Moreover, STEP schools have included robotics from early classes of 1 and 3.   

Education in Pakistan

 In addition, STEP Schools work on the close collaboration of parents and teachers, which enhances the learning experience of our young, school-going kids. At STEP Schools, we implement our thought-leading approach by incorporating regular learning resources with the development of 21st-century skills. The four Cs of the 21st century are crucial for our kids to learn.   

We have incorporated STEP schools’ latest education technology concepts, enabling our students to learn with the following tools.   

  • STEP Portal  
  • STEP E-Learning Programme  
  • STEP ICT Curriculum  

Furthermore, at STEP Schools, social skills are also developed to help grow the nation’s most civilised and learned individuals. These children are the future of Pakistan and the leaders of tomorrow.   

Impact on Secondary Education in Pakistan 

If you have a question about how all these factors will be positively impactful for secondary education in Pakistan, read below. 

STEP Schools’ thought-leading approach towards education will not only cater to secondary education. It will also be positive towards the early years of child education and development. The students of primary education would be given a chance to explore multi-dimensional education through STEAM and robotics. Project-based learning (PBL) and social skills development are also the need of the hour.   

All these things combine to help children to develop the skills of   

  • Critical Thinking  
  • Teamwork  
  • Communication  
  • Decision Making   

 Also, at STEP Schools, we have a good number of pupils without any discrimination. With this, we welcome our girl students to bring their dreams to realisation in their early years, primary education, and secondary level, leading to undergraduate and graduate levels. It is essential to remember that in Pakistan, male students outshine female students in numbers at all levels of education. UNICEF reports disclose it.   


STEP Schools’ thought-leading approach towards education offers a massive opportunity for parents looking for a school with quality and latest education. From STEAM education to Project-Based Learning (PBL) and Robotics, STEP Schools offer much more to learn and grow. You can explore more through the website.  

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