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Why Nursery Education is Important? Nursery Admissions 2023

Nursery education is also known as the foundation years of schooling. These years are crucial, as it is a process of home-to-school transition. The more the transition is smooth and fruitful, the more it is successful. Step Schools opens nursery admissions in 2023 for juniors and foundation years. In this article, we are going to discuss some advantages to spending the nursery years in steps schools, and the link to the admission form is also available.  

Introduction to Step Founder or Junior Years 

Step Schools offers early years education to young minds in Pakistan through a proper mechanism. The nursery class is known as Step Schools’ foundation and junior years. Starting from first steps I, II and III, further leads to Step1 and 2.  

At Step Schools, we believe in capturing the children’s attention through active learning, hands-on experiences, and learning through exploration.  The mantra of think, explore, apply, and practice is how we try to indulge our kids in effortlessly learning.  

At Step Schools, it is crucial to develop students’ developing social, emotional, cognitive, and linguistic skills during their foundation and junior years.  

Benefits of Early Years Education  

Nursery education is important for several reasons. Some of them are presented below. 

  1. Development of Social and Emotional Skills:
    Nursery education provides children with opportunities to interact with peers and develop important social skills such as sharing, taking turns, and cooperating. It also helps them in managing their emotions and build self-confidence.

  2. Cognitive Development:
    Early years education provides a stimulating and nurturing environment that enhances cognitive development. Children are exposed to various activities and experiences that promote learning, problem-solving, critical thinking, and creative expression.

  3. Language and Communication Skills: Nursery education plays a crucial role in the development of language and communication skills. Children learn to express themselves verbally, understand and follow instructions, and communicate effectively with others.

  4. Preparation for Formal Education: Early years program acts as a foundation for future academic success. It introduces children to basic concepts such as numbers, letters, shapes, and colours, laying the groundwork for future learning. It also helps children develop a positive attitude towards learning and school.

  5. Physical Development: Nursery class promotes physical development through various activities such as outdoor play, games, and fine motor skill exercises. It helps children develop coordination, strength, and overall physical fitness.

  6. Cultural and Social Awareness: Early years program exposes children to diverse cultures, traditions, and perspectives. It encourages respect for differences, fosters tolerance, and promotes an inclusive mindset.

  7. Parental Involvement: Nursery education often involves parents in the learning process, allowing them to actively participate in their child’s education. This collaboration between parents and educators supports a child’s overall development and helps create a strong foundation for their future educational journey.

Overall, the early-year program provides holistic development for children, preparing them for further education, fostering their social interaction skills, and nurturing their overall growth and well-being. 

Scope of Further Education After Nursey Education

After a child completes nursery and foundation years, he or she is duly eligible for primary education. For more, you can discuss this with the admission office representatives.  

Nursery Admissions 2023: Applications are Welcome! 

For all these in-depth learning experiences, enrolling in a school that understands the needs of the future and 21st century is essential. Therefore, Step Schools brings 21st-century learning, which develops 21st-century skills and advancements in students’ personalities. Admissions are open for 2023 at Step Schools. Apply online.  


Step Schools opens nursery admissions 2023. The crucial years require special focus and treatment for young kids. The early years program is a complete 360-dimensional action plan to develop students’ curiosity to learn and explore around.

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