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What is STEP Schools’ Student Government and Community Service Programme?

Education is a combination of skills and knowledge. With a deficit of any one of them, students cannot be succeeded in their avenues. Around a couple of decades, educational success meant good grades alone. However, with the progress of technology, industry, and awareness, people now understand the need for skills and knowledge side by side. Therefore, step schools inculcate a sense of responsibility, creativity, leadership skills, and a solid educational foundation for students. In the article below, you will know the extracurricular activities initiated by the school, known as student government and community service programs.  

Need of Extra Curricular Activities in Education 

Taking part in extracurricular activities helps students identify their interests. Also, they develop the required skills for success and growth in their personal, professional, and social life. Since extracurricular activities can require a significant amount of time outside of scheduled class times, these exercises are a fantastic way to keep your kid interested while also giving them a chance to learn something new. 

Types of Extracurricular Activities in Step Schools 

Sports, music, the arts, aerobics, theatre, and many more extracurricular activities are often included in education systems. Children can learn the value of teamwork through sports like soccer and football and about many art styles in art lessons. Academic clubs like debate or chess teams can also assist in student skill development. These are a few instances of extracurricular activities that advance kids’ education. When searching for an enjoyable and instructive activity for the child to undertake at school, there are a tonne more options to consider. 

Keeping in view the benefits of extracurricular activities, Step Schools have included a variety of activities as extracurricular ones for the students. Sports, Clubs and Societies are included like always; the school system has also included student government and community service programs to double the benefits of co-curricular activities in school-age students. The following activities, their nature, and their benefits are penned below.  

Student Government 

Student Government is an activity under which students form their government set up with members in distinctive positions. The faculty members duly provide supervision. By becoming part of a student government, students at Step schools have a massive opportunity to learn leadership, teamwork, and communication skills.  

STEP Student Government is a platform for students where they control and oversee internal and external activities and events in houses and societies, working under the direction of a manager, primarily a faculty member, and assisting professors and administrators in upholding discipline.  

Additionally, they oversee budgeting and resource allocation, giving them first-hand knowledge of critical professional skills like leadership, communication, planning and organisation, market research, and budgeting. Employers highly value these things and can help prepare them for exciting career opportunities later in life. 

Community Service Program 

Empathy makes humans alive. The essence of being a good human is humanity! We are living in a fast-paced and advanced world and society. Therefore, it is essential to instil the character of humanity in students. Intuition, creativity, passion, life-long learning, developed the listening ability, persuasion, kindness & responsible behaviour, honesty & integrity, courage, self-awareness, whole-heartedness, and empathy are the 13 human qualities of success. 

Step Schools have spiritually enriched extracurricular activities to develop empathy, kindness, listening, and integrity among students. This activity is known as a community service program. With this program, step schools enable students to get exposure to people who are facing social, economic, medical, or any other type of hindrance. The students will learn about the problems of these people and can feel empathy after learning about the issues they are facing. Therefore, they can sort out their problems in their best capacity.  

The activity is subdivided into three categories.  

  • In-house Services 
  • Lending Help Services 
  • Annual Service Projects 

In-house Services are the social services within the school premises. Whereas when the services to serve the community are provided outside the school premises, they are known as Lending Help Services. Moreover, the students can combine these two for a course of a yearlong service program known as an annual service project.  

Houses & Societies 

Step Schools also have several houses and societies for diverse causes. One of the most significant components of school life is the framework of the Student Government (Council, Houses, and Societies). They offer opportunities for camaraderie, personal development, and a stimulating diversion from academic work. Student Government is a significant component of “student life” at STEP Schools. 

Houses and Societies are part of student government. The team of every society has a manager, president, secretary, and members. Various rewards and mandates are available for societies.  

Some of the prominent societies of Step Schools are as the following.  

  • Creative Society 
  • Culinary Society 
  • STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics) Society 
  • Track and Field Society 
  • Media Society 
  • Nature and Art Society 


Last but not least, the sports events and activities of STEP Schools include diverse events and a proper curriculum.  

The sports events at step schools include  

  • Relay Race 
  • Sports Day 
  • Table Tennis Tournaments 
  • Badminton Tournament 
  • Football Tournament 
  • Cricket Tournament 
  • Indoor Athletics & Aerobic Competitions 
  • Team Building Competitions 

Skills Learned from Student Government 

The students in Step Schools will learn the skills of being a team player, leader, visionary, social, competitive, speaking, and communication skills with cocurricular activities in student government. 

Community Service Program Benefits 

Through a community service provider, students will develop empathy, courtesy, kindness, and responsibility to go miles in their future life ahead of them.  

Academic Profile of Step Schools 

In addition to the extracurricular activities, the Step Schools are the providers of STEAM education in Pakistan. The students get a massive chance to bring 21st-century learning with the goal of doing a remarkable performance in their professional and future life ahead. Some of the essential elements of the academic profile of Step Schools are as below.  

Academics at Step School 

While studying in Step schools, students can get the latest education to develop twenty-first-century skills. Students will develop the mostly demanded critical thinking, effective communication, and collaboration in the form of teams at various levels and ignite their creativity with innovation and innovative ideas.  

Steam Education 

Step Schools have a well-designed and developed curriculum comprised of STEAM education concerns. The syllabus duly has science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics since earlier classes. Therefore, students learn about various subjects at an early age to select the career of their choice later in their professional years.  

Steam education is the applied approach for the best benefit of students.  

Project Based Learning 

Students can learn various subjects through project-based learning to learn. The curriculum at Step Schools offers students holistic development. Through the interdisciplinary approach, students encouraged the solution of real-world problems.  

Student Counselling 

Step Schools also offers multi-dimensional student counselling services. Students can get professional assistance in the following areas.  

  • Behaviour Management for Learning 
  • BISE (Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education) Monitoring & Grooming Program  
  • Career Counselling 

Education Technology  

Education is incomplete without upgradation. Technology is the new normal for learning and earning matters. Step Schools offer comprehensive educational technology for classroom learning in addition to the aids to learn on-the-class. The education technology at Step schools includes the following. 

  • Step Portal 
  • Step-E Learning Program 
  • Step ICT (Information and Communications Technologies) Curriculum 


Student grooming is the essential and fundamental reason for education. Unless an educated person can take the initiative, make independent decisions, and take adequate measures to solve problems. He still needs to improve as he is. For the same reason, curricular and co-curricular activities are equally important. Therefore, Step schools incorporate steam education, technology, sports, student government, and community services side by side.  

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