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Roles of Teachers in Project Based Learning in Primary School

Project Based Learning (PBL) is a prominent part of STEAM education to develop 21st-century skills among students at the primary level. In project-based learning (PBL), teachers play a crucial role in guiding and facilitating the learning process. In this article, we shall focus on the mentors to know how they are responsible and what their roles and duties are. Here are some of the key roles played by teachers in Project Based Learning.  

Teachers Become Practitioners 

Though technology is essential nowadays for incorporating technical skills among students, the involvement of teachers with the necessary information and necessary grip is a must to get prominent results.  

Therefore, when we talk about project-based learning, we want our practitioner teachers who can transfer the complex concept to students in the simplest possible way. This job cannot be done only through robotics or AI. These technologies cannot replace the human brain, explanation, and knowledge. Though can be helpful as assistants.  

Ultimate Facilitator for Students  

The teacher acts as a facilitator of learning, guiding students through the project-based learning process and helping them to develop the necessary skills and knowledge. Facilitators always help students to get a better learning experience. Rules and regulations for best output are necessary for project-based learning. Oh, and you can learn the effectiveness of PBL here 

The teachers must design and convey the terms and conditions to the students to work in the required environment for the optimal learning experience.  

Teachers Work as Coach in Project-Based Learning

The teacher serves as a coach, providing feedback, support, and guidance to students as they work on their projects. Individualism is one of the most essential elements of steam education, 21st-century learning and project-based learning.  

Therefore, teachers work as coaches to ignite the talent to work as per the requirement. Where individual skills are required, the coaches must guide them that way. Otherwise, teamwork is always preferred.  

Also known as Content Experts 

The teacher provides expertise in the subject matter and helps students to develop a deeper understanding of the content. Without this skill, the role prerequisite for teachers to teach students effectively does not fulfil.  

Teachers are the Resource Providers 

 The teacher identifies and provides resources that students need to complete their projects, such as materials, tools, and information. Project-based learning mechanism includes a variety of tasks comprising multiple subjects and things together.  

For this reason, the teachers are the only people for students to share accurate resources regarding hardware, software, and assisting tools and techniques. Smart work with deep detail is always appreciated.  

Looking for Collaborator? Ask Your Teacher 

The teacher collaborates with students to help them develop their project ideas, refine their research questions, and identify potential sources of information. Collaboration is a vital element of teamwork. Teamwork, duty distribution, and unity are important to complete big and complex tasks.  Only a professional and trained teacher can ensure to include the skill of collaboration among students.  

 Mentors are the Ultimate Evaluators  

The teacher assesses student learning through ongoing formative assessment and summative evaluation. 

Evaluation is essential for every kind of test, project, job, or exam. The testing is incomplete without evaluation. The teachers are the silent and vocal evaluators for students on various grounds. They gauge the in-built skills of students and help them develop the absent ones in a no-feel format.  

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Overall, the teacher’s role in PBL is to create a supportive learning environment that encourages students to explore, investigate, and create as they work on their projects. Step Schools is the school education provider on the latest grounds.  


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