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ICT & Robotics – An Indispensable Part of STEAM Education

Technology has a massive impact. In today’s era, everything is tech-based. The last two decades have been exceptional in this regard. We can hand-pick any sector among finance, education, research, medicine, engineering, and even communication, to see that we cannot separate technology from any field. Education is also ever-changing and ever-demanding today. The race to stay competitive is strong. To win it, we must learn modern education in a modern way. Step Schools bring STEAM Education and Information & Communication Technology ICT and Robotics together to give their students 21-st century education. 

ICT And Robotics  

ICT, an abbreviation of the modern term- Information and Communication Technology, is a compilation of everything that comes in between computers, the internet, communications, and connecting organizations and people together. Mobile-powered, Internet-based, every app falls under ICT.  

The ICT and Robotics are commonly known as the ‘Fifth Generation’ of computers. Robotics comes under Artificial Intelligence (AI). Both AI and Robotics are human-assisting technologies. Artificial Intelligence and Robotic technologies help to improve the environment, economy, research, medicine, industries, business, and education with unconventional solutions. The solutions increase effectiveness and efficiency while decreasing the resource expenditure of time and money. 

STEP Schools Brings Education Technology  

Educating today’s generation in the subjects that matter the most is vital to prepare them for a successful tomorrow. The west has dramatically evolved its education system and aided it with the latest research. However, what we do for our children is the provocative question here.   

STEP Schools- The project of PGC (Punjab Group of Colleges) has incorporated STEAM education with ICT-aided technologies and curriculum. STEAM is an approach that confines Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics together. It is a 21- century education approach. It serves the requirements latest industry and subjects hold.  

The students at STEP Schools are availing the opportunity to have exposure to the latest technology like robotics, coding, and computing. Furthermore, Step Schools have a proper plan to develop digital literacy among students through ICT and Robotics Based education technology. ICT Curriculum, Portal and E-Learning Program are the tools Step Schools offers its students. 

STEP ICT Curriculum  

Step Schools have developed an ICT curriculum. ICT curriculum increases digital literacy among students. The students have a brilliant opportunity to learn subject knowledge in addition to the technology together. The portal and e-learning programs assist the students to excel and understand the in-depth knowledge of subjects to have a strong hold on subjects after learning. 

STEP Portal  

STEP Portal is a one-stop portal for teachers, students, and parents. Everyone can get what they want or needs on the Step portal by STEP School. The Step portal is a management system accessible through a mobile app.   

This mobile app is parents’ tool to know the results and student information at any time in the day. Similarly, students can access their course and learning resources through it. At the same time, the teachers have 24/7 access to their training management system and associated resources.  

STEP E-Learning Program  

Step E-Learning program enables the students to learn anytime. The student learning program allows students to learn as, when and where they want to. Students can watch video lectures, homework, classwork, and aiding materials to ensure a smooth learning cycle.  

Benefits of Combining Steam Education with ICT and Robotics  

As you know, STEAM represents Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics. Learning advanced subjects like robotics, computing, and coding with the help of technology-based video lectures and teaching materials enhances the student’s interest in studying. Therefore, the students absorb the knowledge in a better way as compared to that of book-aided resources alone.  

Step Schools enable students to learn life-changing skills like problem-solving, creativity, communication, critical thinking, and digital literacy to get a bright and prosperous future.   

ICT and Robotics are indeed an essential part of STEAM Education. STEAM education is about developing the students’ futuristic skills today. This strategy will enable them to fulfil tomorrow’s complex needs and requirements to lead from the front. Without ICT and Robotics, the efficiency of STEAM would be reduced. STEP Schools have incorporated both intelligently to make their students leaders of tomorrow.  


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