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Dimensions of Steam Education

Steam education it’s often discussed on the Step Schools website. Today we are focusing on the dimensions of steam education. Stem education is not just a method or upgradation in the educational cycle, but also it covers various parts and components of the education journey. In this article, you will learn about the broadness and versatility of this multidimensional, multifaceted educational type. Let’s get started. 

Internal Dimensions in STEAM Education 

When we talk about internal dimensions, we mean the components that combine to improve steam education performance. As we have discussed several times, steam is a word derived from science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics. So these subjects are collectively the dimensions of STEAM education. 

It is baseline crucial to include all these subjects from the initial educational level to make the young brains more naturally adaptive and easy for more knowledge absorption. Therefore, steps schools have inculcated complete subject collection, curriculum design, and course division for students as suitable to their class level. However, designing and division, of course, are not enough. Some external factors are more than crucial to get the best results. Let’s see what the external dimensions are. 

External Dimensions To Steam Education 

The external dimensions of STEAM education do include a number of things. These are all the external factors which comprehensively combined together to multiply the benefits of stem education in early education, medical education and advanced education for students. Therefore, applying a comprehensive 360 approach is important when implementing or adapting steam education for schools, colleges or universities in Pakistan or outside of it. 

  1. STEAM Literacy 
  2. Curriculum And Content Design 
  3. Professional Development 
  4. Learning Environment 
  5. STEAM Assessment 

STEAM Literacy 

STEAM education wants to develop problem-solving skills, life skills, confidence, logical thinking and innovation among students. All these things combine and make a child- steam literate. This is also known as the scheme literacy. 

In a nutshell, you can take steam education as an interdisciplinary approach that develops competitive skills among students that enables them to solve economic, social, financial, and technology-related problems in the long run. 

Curriculum And Content Design 

Similarly, in order to develop all these competencies in our children initially and at an advanced level, it is essential that the curriculum that is based on the content they will consume for a number of years has to be in alignment with the objective and aim of steam education. Therefore, it is essential to design the curriculum with the objectives and to include the latest content relating to the internal fields of stem education that Comprises the latest knowledge and competencies based on the skills and futuristic approach of science, technology, economics, arts, and mathematics collectively. 


Professional Development 

The curriculum alone cannot inculcate real-world dynamics, and information, in an understandable way. For this, mentors and teachers are the best sources. No matter how advanced our technology advances, it can never include the human experience in anything. However, human resource has to put effort into professional development.  

For the same reason, steam education cannot be 100% transferred to the students without the involvement and efforts of professional and well-equipped mentors. 

Learning Environment 

Similarly, without a proper learning environment, students won’t be able to achieve 100% adaption and benefit from steam education. Therefore, we must work on three sub-dimensions of the learning environment in our primary, middle, and university education. These dimensions are psychosocial, physical, infrastructural, and space dynamics. 

In the simplest form, we must work on the psychological stability and enhancement of individuals and society together. Likewise, we must provide the physical amenities and properly developed infrastructure to our students from an early age, enabling them to reach out to the latest technology, facilities, and personal and professional growth. Moreover, in order to achieve all these learning environment properties, we must allocate a proper space for every activity on a routine basis that ensures that quality is never compromised and students are at ease to perform optimally. 

STEAM Assessment 

Last but not least, steam education is incomplete without steam assessment. In order to attain and achieve the progress results and goals, proper assessment is essential. Therefore proper expectations practises, and results are to be analysed on every level to identify the loopholes and to appreciate the achievements and hard work.  

Steps Schools Implements STEAM Education in Pakistan

Steps Schools is a uniquely distinguished school in Pakistan which inculcates a complete 360 degree in mentioned steam education from the early school ages or primary school. We have closely observed how steam education would benefit our local students. We have implemented the internal and external factors that would be helpful to achieve the best results for our children’s future. After all, the ultimate goal of schools is to prepare tomorrow’s leaders. 

Want to adopt STEAM Education for Your Child? 

You seem interested in engaging your child with steam education at the primary education level. Then there is no need to worry and search for more because admissions at steps schools are open for 2023 


Steam Education is the modern approach to enable our students to learn 21st-century skills. Step Schools are offering a 360-degree program from early years to prepare leaders’ mindsets in youth.  

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