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What is Project-Based Learning?

What is Project-Based Learning?

Introduction to Project-Based Learning    

Project Based Learning (PBL) is a teaching methodology or ‘Pedagogy.’ This type of instructional strategy is far deviant from the regular and traditional kind of learning and teaching. It encourages students to learn more effectively through the practical application of the knowledge they get. Project Based Learning (PBL) has some prominent features. Many countries use PBL. In Pakistan, Step Schools has included complete project-based learning in their curriculum. The following article discloses Step School’s project-based learning initiative’s principal characteristics and benefits.   

Properties of Project-Based Learning    

  • Inter-disciplinary    
  • Rigorous Learning    
  • Student-Centric Approach    

Interdisciplinary Technique   

Project Based Learning (PBL) is interdisciplinary in many ways. The project-based curriculum is designed to engage students with real problems. This approach is applicable as real-world challenges are solved using information or skills from multiple subject areas.   

Projects require students to engage in solution building and product building to help solve the problem or challenge on the table. As students work on the issue, they often use content knowledge and skills from multiple academic domains to complete the project.   

Rigorous Approach   

Project Based Learning (PBL) offers rigorous learning opportunities for the students. The students learn more. Getting exposure is essential in anything. Hence, when students are aware of real-world issues, they get self-direct in the learning process. The innovation brings polish and helps them to think about solutions creatively.   

Student-Centric Behaviour   

The Project-based learning approach is entirely student-centred. Students get factual knowledge in terms of actual figures. Student Groups are formed, and they work together to find answers to an open-ended questions.   

Project Based Learning (PBL) in Pakistan

Step Schools is the institution offering 21-st century education in the country. The school provides STEAM education and offers a project-based learning (PBL) option open to students. The school is keen on developing the student’s communication, creativity, and critical thinking collaboration skills to help them become the best and most efficient resources for tomorrow.   

Step Schools Approach to PBL

The PBL is a prominent feature of the curriculum’s philosophy of the school. Step Schools offer a variety of activities to the students under the project-based learning initiative. The students have hands-on experience with data and facts. Students connect on distinct levels to the subjects they study and access the information from authentic resources. This way, they learn to differentiate between genuine and non-authentic information sources.   

Step Schools also enhance the digital literacy of their students. In the 21st century, technology is as essential as pen and paper. Hence, the students must learn computer-aided tools and tricks. The PBL and ICT: Information and Communications Technologies-based curriculum works well with the collective efforts of students, teachers, and parents.   

Benefits of Project-Based Learning (PBL)    

Today, the world is project oriented. In routine life, professional life, and long-term and short-term tenures, we live in project completion breaks. To complete task 1, task 2, and so on, the pattern of household chores continues.   

Similarly, the professional job runs in rounds around the projects. The company today hires a project manager to handle the project in its complete essence. When the student is already aware of various information, subjects, real-life stances, and way out of problems with digital awareness, it is evident that they are much more ready than ever to step into the future with success.   

Get Your Child Admitted to Step Schools

Step Schools offers education in a way that will educate your child and establish their skills while keeping their successful future in mind. More than ever, professional and practical life depends upon the skill set today. The Covid-19 emergence showed the benefits of digital skills when everything took a sharp shift from offline to online. You can make your child prepared for the future. To get him admitted to the Step Schools, you can proceed here.   

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