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Step Schools Offer Robotics Education in Schools in Pakistan

Step Schools offer the latest educational trends in school education in Pakistan. The STEAM methodology, project-based learning opportunities, and an introduction to e-learning portals and mechanisms are some of the most prominent features of education that provide the 21st-century learning experience to students. In addition to these, Step Schools have introduced robotics in school education and undertaken the practical approach to have a hands-on experience in the same. In this article, you will learn about the scope and benefits to include robotics education in schools.  

Introduction to Robotics Education and Training 

In the 21st century, technology is the new normal. The world functions around data, collection, analysis, implementation and much more. Robotics are an advanced form of information technology. With the emergence of factors like artificial intelligence (AI), robotics got the power they never had earlier. 

Therefore, with the latest developments in all professions. It is essential to upgrade the education and training in the country. Only in this way, we can upgrade the education system in Pakistan.  

Collaboration of Robotics and Education System in Pakistan 

Step Schools understands the need for modern education at the school level. Therefore, initiated 21st-century learning to equip our students with the latest skills in terms of life, learning and literacy to ace in the future.  

To adopt the latest learning curriculum, the STEAM approach is being followed at Step Schools. In addition, the students get a chance to learn practical aspects of robotics in grade 3 with project-based learning opportunities.  

Advantages of Robotics for Primary Students 

By getting an early and quick introduction to robotics education in school students can benefit in the understated ways.  

  • Robotics Prepare children for Future Career Development in a way that STEM education comprises science and technology. Students at Step schools get familiar with coding, AI, and robotics in early education, like grade 1 and grade 3. Therefore, with the passage of time, they have much better exposure as compared to their counterparts.  
  • Once the students identify their interests in any of the fields of computer science and technology. There are bright chances to have wonderful and highly-paid careers in the future. They won’t be clueless like other students about what to do with life.  
  • With access to robotics during early education, creativity sparks inside kids. The students would be able to find solutions in project-based learning. All these elements develop sharp problem-solving skills among students. The ability to think out of the box to sort the new issue.  
  • With robotics, children get a massive chance to test and apply various things. This ultimately promotes the boldness to try new things in life.  
  • Robotics also develop a keen interest in programming at the schools in Pakistan, which are offering robotics training and STEAM education to their kids. 

Goals of Education Robotics 

In addition to skill development, the goals to inculcate robotics assistance in education in Pakistan could be any of the following. It is not limited though.  

  1. To develop the critical competencies in the curriculum of the education system in Pakistan. 
  1. Develop behavioural traits among students to enable them to stand as individual and team players. 
  1. To provide a polished environment to students to encourage them for experiments and new things.  
  1. Incorporate digitalisation in education in schools.  
  1. To help students attain mastery and understanding of programming and coding basics. 
  1. To enhance the active participation of students in class structures and activities for identifying and attaining their personal goals.  
  1. Help students to develop communication skills online and offline beyond traditional ways.  
  1. The promotion of project-based learning to get familiar with group efforts.  

About Step Schools 

Step Schools are the initiative of Punjab Colleges. We aim to provide curriculum and 360-degree assistance to our students from kindergarten to senior school levels to enable them to learn all the latest learning modules of STEAM education and to ace their future in a productive way.  

Interested in Admissions? 

If you are looking for a school system that offers robotics training and wide exposure to a variety of subjects in the modern era, then you can choose Step Schools. The admissions 2023 are open.  


Robotics education in schools is the forte of Step Schools. In order to develop a future-oriented life, literacy, and learning skills to get the best of the future and life, the new generation must be introduced to the advancements of the 21st century.  

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