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Prep By PGC – Your Free Gateway to Securing Top Grades in Matric

Prep By PGC – Your Free Gateway to Securing Top Grades in Matric

Exam preparations are always challenging for students in Pakistan. The main subjects of Physics, Chemistry and Biology are a headache for 9th and 10th classes. The students often enrol themselves in costly tuition. As a result, the fatigue doubles as commuting and tuition with school classes make students tired and overburdened. However, the education leaders have sorted the whole problem away. Class 9th students can prepare for Physics, Chemistry, and Biology subjects with all other subjects in the comfort of their homes by free video lecturers. The free lectures and preparation help is available on Prep by PGC. Get to know all the details, below.

Prep By PGC

Prep By PGC is a study aid. Students in Pakistan studying in their 9th and 10th can prepare for board exams without spending money and effort on commuting. Punjab Group of Colleges PGC has taken the initiative to help the students ace the matric board exams. It is a ‘web portal with an app’. It can be downloaded on smartphones for learning in addition to the online access.

Subjects Available

PGC has developed the portal keeping students’ requirements in mind. Extensive material for all class 9 subjects, including class 9 Biology, class 9 Physics and chemistry is thoroughly available. Online video lectures are uploaded for learning purposes for students. Video lectures are further supported by other learning options.

Class 9 Physics

Physics for class 9 is majorly conceptual in course design. The clarity of the concepts is essential for good grading in the subject. Prep by PGC has covered class 9th Physics in multiple ways. A collection of video lectures, succinct questions, and long questions combine to foolproof the preparation.

Class 9th Chemistry

Preparing Chemistry for 9th students is often found as a challenging task. However, Prep by PGC has eased down the tough chemistry for students enrolled in class 9th in the country. Preparing by Prep-PGC holds a healthy preparation plan for Chemistry comprising various options, including free video lectures.

9th Biology preparation

Biology for the 9th class is also a detail-oriented subject. Prep by PGC offers short questions, long questions, and past papers, in addition to free video lectures and online preparation options for students.

Matric Material

The students of the 9th class are not alone; the app also entertains the matric class part two-class 10 for exam preparation for all subjects. Rich elements of short, long questions, MCQs, free videos and self-assessments are available for all topics to the students of class 10 also.

Learning Method in Prep By PGC

Concept of the app has been designed to make the preparation journey easy for students. The students of class 9th and 10th, commonly known as matric class, have options as per the paper pattern designed by the board authorities. Portal has free video lectures, multiple choice questions (MCQs), long and short theory questions, and past papers collection with self-assessments. These facilities are available for all subjects of classes 9 and 10. Biology, Chemistry, and Physics are also available.

Free Access for Students

The initiative- Prep by PGC is available to access on the web and mobile simultaneously. The students can get themselves enrolled by email or social media account credentials. Students can access the app through the web and mobile app. Get yourself registered here and ace your 9th exams. If you are an android user, download the app here, or if you are an apple user, you can get it from this link.

The students of any public and private school in Pakistan, enrolled in 9th and 10th class, should get help from Prep by PGC to prepare for their 9th exams. The portal has up-to-date free video lectures by professional subject specialists. You can have a massive chance to get free online video lectures with other paper oriented prep options to help you getting good grades in board matric exams.

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