STEP Schools


Punjab Group of Colleges has built a legacy of academic excellence over the past 36 years. By investing in STEP Schools you become part of that legacy and benefit from the brand equity. As an initiative of Punjab Group of Colleges, STEP Schools will automatically gain recognition in the market as Punjab Group of Colleges has built a name for itself. The quality of education that the group provides is backed by the top positions its students score across all boards. Punjab Group of Colleges’s alumni have earned success in every walk of life.In the coming months, Punjab Group of Colleges will strengthen STEPSchools brand presence through integrated marketing and communication channels. This will help establish the brand, build the association between the group and the school network and help the network gain national recognition.

Project Planning & Execution

Once you come on board as an investor, our dedicated team of professionals will facilitate you in finding the right resources and provide support for your launch campaign. Whether you need help assessing your property or constructing the school itself and hiring employees, Punjab Group of Colleges will support you, each STEP of the way. Our team will conduct market research and assessment to help you devise a business plan and strategy in order for you to make an informed business decision. We will set the right SOPs in place for you and your team across our network to maintain consistent quality standards.This support will ensure that you are able to set yourself up for success

Marketing Support

The STEP Schools launch will be facilitated by a 360 degree marketing campaign on traditional and digital media all across Pakistan. Our highly experienced marketing team will set brand guidelines, contributing to your business development and growth.We will have a dedicated marketing team that will provide continuous marketing support for your yearly marketing activities. STEP Schools will be launched with a TVC, radio, print, billboards, streamers, and a digital campaign. We will also mobilize our vast media and education network to create brand awareness, and build brand equity

Academic Support & Operations

Operationally, we will provide you and your team academic support. Our team will be developing the curriculum, training your teachers and helping you ensure that the quality of education in your school is excellent. We’ll be working closely with you to help conduct capacity building workshops and carry out professional development initiatives for your teachers.Our goal is to equip teachers with the right training and knowledge so they may facilitate the success of their students.